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Getting married is the biggest moment of your life. But, a rocket isn’t just beautiful when it touches the sky. In pre-wedding photography, I capture your love for each other, in your journey towards the big day. The activity of a pre-wedding shoot makes your love stronger and preserves it in priceless portraits!


Wedding Photography is not just about the couple. It is about the two families who are creating a bond. The sumptuous food, the laughter of new and old friendships, the emotions of new beginnings, all memorialised in perfect harmony.


There are many big moments in our lives. Going back to such achievements helps us get up when we are down. Going back to such achievements makes us nostalgic when we are old. I work hard to preserve the vibes of such events in soulful pictures!


We appreciate food not just through our mouths, but also our eyes. Oh the spiciness of the Misal! The lip-smacking sweetness of a mango! When I capture amazing cuisine, I try to capture not just its outer beauty but its mouth-watering taste!


Portraits are one of the most beautiful and subtlest ways to capture an individual photograph! It can be a beacon of status, or just simply a wonderful memory of yourself.


Team building involves being able to do a lot of things – mentoring, leadership, management, etc. Another big aspect is managing to capture your entire team in a single, good photo where no one’s hair is looking bad, where no one’s eyes are closed, where no one’s tie is askew… Leave this team building exercise up to me.


Wearing and carrying great fashion is one aspect of looking stunning. Have you ever seen the picture of a star-filled sky at night, the way it gleams, sparkles majestically… Stunning beauty, of the stars and yours, deserves to be preserved, forever.


Explaining a product can only highlight it so much. Unless you are able to create a memorable visual, it’s quite forgettable. The marketing strength of your product lies in what people think immediately when it’s mentioned.


Sweat, grease, oil, machinery, all of these are individually not great pictures. But, combine them and they become the most inspiring images of hard work, innovation and ingenuity.